Which Braun shaver is best?

Making you facial hair shaving is been long time since 4th century B.C. The Braun was founded in 1921, in Frankfurt Germany. And it was created by max Braunhe is a mechanical engineer 1st he begins with radio sets. In 1929 he starts his own shop and then he became Germans leading radio manufacturer. In 1935 the brand Braun was introduced.Which Braun shaver is best?

In Germany engineers are famous for their works and outputs. And therefore, Braun has released as an electric shaver and has never ceased to surprise with every innovative idea. In 1950 the Braun electric shaver brand was introduced but the first most electric shaver was introduced max Braun.

Braun electric shaver has aprecision Machined Blades which are operated by small electric which is almost in trend. The machine can be used both by water or any foam or shaving soap. Click Here best electric razor for men

Now to look up for which Braun shaving machine is best

Basically,there is 2 types of machine

  • BRAUN SERIES 7 790 CC.

The best electric shaver can be which gives smooth shaving without and Hair Follicles, which gives Clean shave without any cuts. These all things can be done only by Braun electric shaver which is German brand and has Innovated many things yet.


How it is designed?

Braun series 7 790 cc is design with 4-part shaving element. Which has 3blades and a Skin Guard. Its efficiency is so strong that it can remove facial hair in one stroke.

The strokes can move in 8 directions as per your wish and comfortability.

The Braun shaver is completely 100% waterproof and cordless.

What is the functioning of Braun series 7 790 cc?

The Braun razor has 5 types of settings which has turbo/sensitive mode to switch on gentleness and power of operation. Which also saves the life of battery and provides degree of precision.

The motor is built and deliver up to 10000 micro vibration. And to adjust as per comfort shaveto recharge it in future.

Value discrimination.

As the coating is not with sugarcoating. So relatively Braun 7 790 cc it is expensive shaver. As it is of high quality all best protective shills are used to give a good coverage. All good solutions are used to prepare the shaver.


Braun series 7 is an excellent combination of functioning, quality, durability, and price. It is from the best all shaver and has got electric shaver world champion. It has got such a positive review.

To know about the shaver

It is 100% waterproof.

It has super close shaver which cut offs 0.05mm hair.

It is having 8-d contour system.

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Both the appliances are the solid choice for most. Because it gives such a great experience to use with a comfortability and with all complexions.

Whether it is expensive but it never break its promise to work well without and harm.