Where to buy skull shaver

The shaver used for shaving the head is nothing but the skull shaver. This is specially made for getting the clean bald look.Where to buy skull shaver

the traditional shaver or electric shavers have vertical handles whereas this skull shaver are of horizontal handles. This makes them a unique way of the shaver. Because of horizontal handle, it is easy to shave the back part of the heador leg. Or we can say with this handle we can easily shave the body parts in easier way than earlier.

Skull shaver:

They are made up of best quality steel material. This shaver is made up of shaver head which is large in size and it is concave in shape. They also have five rotary cutters. With this when you are using this shaver it automatically adjusts according to the curve of the scalp or lef or face. So, using this skull shave user get a smooth and clean shave.

Skull shaver is an electric shaver which is also operated through batteries. Skull shaver has a facility of overcharge protection. This protects the battery from overcharging.

Parts of the Skull shaver:

  1. Protective cap
  2. Shaver’s head
  3. Shaver on/off button
  4. Shaver head insert slot
  5. Cleaning Brush
  6. Charging indicator
  7. Charging port
  8. Adaptor

Buying the skull shaver:

Skull shavers are easily available in local electronic stores. You can also buy it through different websites such as Amazon, Bed Bath, Beyond. And you can directly buy from their official web site skullshaver.com

Reviews of different Skull shavers:

  1. Palm Skull Shaver -this is the basic version of skull shaver with the lowest price. It gives 4 hours of battery operation and they are lithium rechargeable batteries. There is no display available on this shaver.
  2. Bald Eagle essential – it offers 70 minutes of charging. But as it is consisting of display the battery is discharged earlier than the previous shaver. It has rotary cutters nad head which are made flexible.
  3. SS Trinity I- provides 90 minutes of charging. Compared to earlier versions it only has 3 cutters instead of 5 cutters.
  4. Skull Shaver Bald Eagle Smart -it is the most expensive version of skull shaver. In this LCD is used to show the percentage of battery.

Storage and maintenance of skull shaver:

The cleaning should be done once you are done using your shaver. So the shaver will last longer. Aftershave, the shaver head must be cleaned. When you are traveling one must carry storage or carrying pouch.

Washing shaver head:

  • Take a cup or bowl filled with water.
  • Put the shaver head only in the cup after every shave.
  • Turn on the shaver for 5 to 6 seconds so it will be cleaned by the water.

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Skull shaver is the best option for having a shave as it has a horizontal handle that makes the shaving easy. A person can get a clean bald head using this skull shaver.